Well-Architected Review Assessment
Your Well-Architected Review Assessment
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Your Well-Architected Review Assessment
Please try to provide best possible answer for following questions, it helps us understand your workloads, DevOps maturity, account structure and spending in AWS cloud. We will be able to pinpoint where to focus your effort, to achieve the next level of operational efficiency, and cost optimization
1. Did you go through AWS Well-Architected review? *
2. Is your workload optimized for minimal deployment risks? *
3. Do you follow the recommended security best practices to run your workload in the cloud? *
4. Is your workload designed to leverage the Multi-AZ model? *
5. Is your workload architected for best performance? *
Cost Optimization
1. Do you follow recommended best practices for AWS account management & Tagging? *
2. Do you use any Reserved and/or Spot instances? *
3. Do you leverage advantage of auto-scaling and load balancing? *
4. Do you have a concern about your data transfer cost? *
5. Do you monitor, track and analyze your daily service usage? *
Describe the any other concerns?
DevOps adoption
1. Have you invested in any cloud-native architectures or DevOps practices implementation? *
2. Have you implemented 'infrastructure as a code' practice for your workload? *
3. Do you have any CI/CD processes implemented in production? *
4. Do you have any configuration management tools implemented to manage your production workload? *
AWS Landing Zone
1. Do you have any experience with AWS Landing Zone Solution? *
2. Do you follow recommended AWS account structure and organization best practices? *
Don't Follow Follow Strongly
3. How well are the existing AWS accounts follow the AWS security, and account management best practices? *
Don't Follow Follow Strongly
4. Are you currently leveraging AWS for production workload? *
General questions
1. How many individuals have AWS Certifications at your organization? *
2. What is/are your top concern as it’s related to running your workload in the cloud? *